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Meet Rachel


Hi there! Thanks for popping in!


I’m a compassionate mentor and confidant, a wife of 25 years, mother to 2 incredible daughters and stepmom to 2 amazing sons (all now grown adults!).


Studying human behavior and relating has been my lifelong passion. And I’ve learned some of the most impactful ways to bridge the distances that can form over time and challenges between people who love each other. I can take you on a profound journey to get back in touch with your inner self, learn to use your voice with love to get your own needs met, while also understanding more clearly the needs of your loved ones and your role in their lives – free from burnout, depletion, or feeling unappreciated.

Fun Facts: I’m a former breastfeeding counselor, have given birth in a hospital and at home, was a Scout leader for my kids for many years, have put kids through public school and homeschool, earned a degree in Finance, have an adorable yellow lab named Scotti (short for Biscotti), am well-versed in Enneagram and other typology systems, and my dream as a little girl was to become a race car driver!

Feel free to email me for a more personal chat.

Rachel Roberts WYSH
PR & Podcast requests:

Have a listen to some of the podcast interviews I’ve done on matrescence, Soul Modes, thriving after trauma, and self-awareness.

Guest Speaking

Podcast Interviews


One of the key elements that couples lose is not love, but rather, curiosity about each other as individuals.

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