Mentoring 1:1 for Individuals

For relating to others, our own self-awareness is the most crucial element. We have the ability to create our own vision, but without the awareness of our past experiences and how they shaped us until now, we’re flying blind and weighed down with baggage and reactivity. The good news is that our relationships are the perfect opportunity for our own self-discovery. We can learn to hold healthy boundaries, express our needs, understand our triggers, and know our communication patterns. We can move away from judgment and blame and see ourselves and our families with curiosity and wonder, being kind and loving through painful times, bringing the best of ourselves forward more often, and open up to deeper, meaningful connection.

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Loving Couple

Mentoring 1:2 Couples Consultation

I thrive on helping humans feel understood and connected with the people in their lives who matter most. This is what many of us desire as we navigate and create the vision for our lives! But close relationships can take us on twists and turns that confuse, confound, or hurt us, especially after we become parents and are faced with creating our “new normal” as a family.

If both partners are willing, we’ll have a private Zoom session you can attend together to discuss what you feel are your biggest challenges and tough spots in your relationship. We’ll cover some tools that can help and establish the best plan for moving forward.



Connected Club Membership

A monthly membership for clients via our private Facebook group. Join a supportive community where we hold online group workshops via Zoom for couples each month, share our relationship struggles as well as progress, provide tons of up-to-date resources for better intimacy and communication, and host some wonderful guest speakers. You can join in every call or just focus on specific topics and help that you need. Get answers to your comments and questions, share ideas, support and learn from each other. (This membership is $32 per month, and you must have completed at least one mentoring session to join.)

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Online Shopping


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Building a Family -

4 week program online

You’ve prepared for the birth, breastfeeding, getting supplies and equipment, and maybe even built a beautiful nursery, but the most profound changes baby brings actually occur within your relationship. 92% of couples report increased conflict in the first 12 months after birth. And 67% report a decline in relationship satisfaction. The good news is that you CAN prepare for this, put in place proactive strategies to handle these challenges as a united team, and build the kind of family you’ve each dreamed about. This course is based on Elly Taylor's Becoming Us™️ program.

  • 4 nights, twice per week online Zoom sessions

  • Private members-only FB group community

  • Your own custom nest building/postpartum plan

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